Our long stretch of perfect, warm weather will change Wednesday as a dry cold front moves through Wednesday night.

The main effects for us will be increasing winds late Wednesday, continuing into Thursday, as well as much cooler temps.

Wednesday highs will likely reach the mid 80s, but high temps will cool into the low-mid 70s on Thursday and Friday. Overnight lows will also fall from near 60 tonight, to near 50 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.

As mentioned, high winds are likely in some areas the next few days.

Late Wednesday and Wednesday night, strong southwest to west winds will blow through the I-10 corridor and may also hit some of the southern canyon areas at times as well... possibly gusting to 50 mph.

By Thursday, north winds behind the cold front will hit different areas of the valley, especially along the highway 62 corridor and along Dillon Road near sky Valley.

Temps will warm back up to near 80 degrees for Saturday, but another storm is possible late Sunday or Monday with the possibility of clouds, wind, showers and cooler temps again. It's too early to have certainty on the details... so stay tuned.