Several storms are lined up off the coast, each with the potential to bring a chance of showers and thunderstorms for an extended period, beginning Thursday and lasting through Sunday. This does not appear to be a long duration, steady rainfall event - but instead appears to be a period of considerable cloudiness with intermittent showers possible at times.

Storm #1 (above) is originating over the warmer waters off the coast of Baja. This storm is nearly stationary at the moment, and is tapping copious amounts of humidity from the deep tropics. The storm will begin to head northeast toward So Cal on Thursday as the storm continues to strengthen. Storm #2, moving east north of Hawaii, is the kicker to bringing storm #1 into our area. This will likely bring scattered showers and thunderstorms Thursday afternoon and night.

Lingering moisture and instability will bring partial clearing Friday and Friday night, with only a slight chance of an isolated shower here in the deserts.

Storm #2 will trek into Southern California sometime Saturday afternoon and into Sunday. It is likely we will see an increasing chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms once again during this time period. There remains a lot of uncertainty on whether we receive only light rain, or heavier showers this weekend. Stay tuned for better forecasts the next day or so.

Skies are expected to become partly cloudy and temps will warm into the mid-upper 80's for Monday and likely Tuesday before additional systems come through the remainder of next week. Each of these systems has at least a decent chance of showers for the deserts next week.

In the meantime, tomorrow will be sizzling hot as a brief offshore wind event occurs and high pressure moves in. Highs will approach 100 and lows may only hit the upper 60's before the weather change occurs Thursday.