Temperate weather for the past month or so will be replaced by scorching temperatures- some 10-15 degrees above normal the next several days. It will remain dry through the weekend, and winds become gusty in the afternoons and evenings into next week. Temperatures will begin to cool to closer to average (low 100's) by next week. Details below:

High pressure ridge will move directly over Southern California Friday and Saturday, exerting downward pressure on the atmosphere over our area, squashing the marine layer over the coastal areas, and creating hot temperatures for all areas except along the immediate coastline.

The excessive heat has caused the National Weather Service to issue a Excessive Heat Warning from Friday through Sunday.

FRIDAY and SATURDAY: Highs 110-118, Lows 70-80. Late afternoon and evening winds to 35 mph, mostly along the I-10 corridor.

SUNDAY: Slightly cooler. HIGHS 105-111, Lows 67-77. Late afternoon and evening winds to 40 mph along the I-10 corridor. A few afternoon and evening clouds over the nearby mountains.

MONDAY - WEDNESDAY: Slightly cooler. HIGHS 102-108. LOWS 67-77. Afternoon and evening winds to 40 mph along the I-10 corridor and northern areas of PS, CC, RM and PD. A few afternoon and evening clouds, mostly over the nearby mountains. Very slight 5% chance of a shower or dry thunderstorm over the mountains.

LONG TERM TREND: Trend appears to indicate cooler weather next weekend and early the following week. It is possible temps may fall below 100 degrees again. Stay tuned!

Stay hydrated!!!