Monday Morning Is Off To A SCORCHING Start

**11am update - Temps at Palm Springs airport have already climbed up to 117 degrees; incredibly high for so early in the day. With temps rising so quickly, it is likely we will easily reach 120 today, and we even have the opportunity to tie or break the ALL TIME record high of 123 degrees set back in 1995 for Palm Springs Airport. More updates later today.**

As of 9am Monday, temperatures have already climbed into the 102-110 range. At Palm Springs Airport, the temperature was 104 degrees, which is 6 degrees warmer than the same time yesterday. Temperatures at 9 am valley wide are below.

Speaking of temperatures, it appears Palm Springs Airport only got down to 87 degrees this morning, just before 4 am.  Here is a table of the temperatures since yesterday at PSP.


This increase in temperatures so early in the day certainly sets the stage for us to surpass our 119 degree day yesterday. However, a gulf surge of more humid air from the Gulf of California has begun to invade the deserts near Yuma and just south of Mexicali. Winds have shifted to the south or southeast the past several hours, with gusts near 25 mph in those areas. A rise in humidity has accompanied the wind shift, with dewpoints shooting up into the 60s near Yuma this morning, and even muggier 70+ degree dewpoints just south of the border near San Felipe (The map below shows dewpoint temperatures in blue and wind gusts indicated in red, as of 9am Monday).

If the southeast breezes continue on up into the Coachella Valley, there is a chance it will bring ever so slight cooling, but more humidity. This may be our only chance of not reaching or exceeding 120 degrees today. Otherwise, 120+ seems like it may be realized this afternoon somewhere between 1-5pm.

Regardless of whether it makes it to 123, or only 118, it's going to be a exceptionally hot day.

The "good" news is temperatures will likely drop the remainder of the week, staying closer to the 110 mark than the 120 mark... and if we are lucky, they may even drop below 110 as well. There are some indications we may get a few days of afternoon and evening clouds and isolated thunderstorms near the mountains. More on that later.