Summer Slowly Coming To An Uneventful End....

Summer 2016 has proven to be a remarkably boring weather season for Palm Springs. The summer monsoon was shunted just to our east most of the time, with only a few thunderstorm episodes to our distant north and east. A persistent trough of low pressure off the coast of California kept our upper flow from the southwest, instead of the southeast, most of the summer. This didn't allow for the more typical afternoon and evening thunderstorms that are common during the summer months.

At the lowest levels, several "gulf surges" kept humidity levels high much of July and August, so the air at the surface was sticky and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the moisture was confined to the lowest 8,000-10,000 feet of the atmosphere, which did little to help initiate much needed rainfall.

Overall, it was warmer than normal all 3 months, and drier than normal, with no measurable rain at the Palm Springs Airport. Details below:


We experienced several days of high temperatures below 100 degrees last weekend, and we are going to have another 7 days of fluctuations once again, as atmospheric changes are going to allow some cooler air to sink south across the Western States early next week.

For today through Sunday, temperatures will be at or slightly above normal, with highs between 100-108, and lows in the 70's. Normal for this time of year is 103/75.

A COOLING TREND is expected Monday - Wednesday of next week, with high temperatures falling into the low-mid 90s, with lows falling into the 60s. Time to come out of hibernation! The cooling trend will likely be accompanied by gusty winds through the local passes and canyons. A few flakes of SNOW are possible Tuesday night above about 9,000 feet to our north in the High Sierras, and possibly in other portions of the high mountains of Utah and Colorado.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend, fellow desert dwellers! We are losing about 2 minutes of sunlight per day, so fall is on it's way! I'll send out another update when the weather is worth updating!