A wall of dust moved through the Coachella Valley early this morning before 2:30 and 3:30 am, reducing visibility to below 2 miles for several hours, before a very gradual improvement this afternoon. 

The haboob was caused by several large thunderstorm complexes that formed in Arizona late last night, and moved west toward California. Most of the storms began weakening after moving across the Colorado River, but the high winds of 30-45 mph were enough to propel the dust storm northwest from Yuma and across the Imperial Valley, the Salton Sea, and finally, into the Coachella Valley. Here's a graphic displaying the progress late last night and early this morning.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.39.02 PM.png

An even stronger batch of thunderstorms is moving west through Central Arizona tonight. It is unclear if they will hold together long enough for a repeat dust storm tonight, but current observations suggest we have a decent chance of a repeat performance.

As of 645p, widespread dust storms are marching westward, west of Phoenix and Casa Grande, along I-10 and I-8. Winds tonight have been gusting 60-70 mph as storms moved through the Phoenix area. This is much stronger than last night's gusts, which started in the 50 mph range. Travel along I-10 and I-8 into Arizona will be dangerous this evening and should be postponed if possible, until conditions improve. Here's a current radar image.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.43.56 PM.png

This is a very impressive line of storms. 

It's always difficult to predict thunderstorm development, but it is quite possible they could hold together enough to drift through our area tonight. Movement would suggest the potential of an earlier arrival than last night, most likely after 10-11 pm and into the early morning hours. More humidity, haze and high winds are possible, as well as reduced visibilities once again.

Even if we are lucky enough to be spared another haboob tonight, Tuesday and Wednesday will see a renewed chance of thunderstorms, high winds, more dust storms and possible flash floods. This will keep temps down from their extreme levels felt a few days ago. Things appear to be trending drier Friday through the weekend, but that is of medium, not high probability.

Take those outdoor umbrellas down the next few days in case we get more strong weather, and watch/listen to the National Weather Service for any severe weather warnings, if they are issued.