Latest Weather System Moving East....


The latest storm wasn't quite as dramatic as it could have been for us in the Palm Springs area, but it still created a significant weather change.

Desert rainfall was relatively light. Palm Springs received only 0.14, Thermal received 0.05, whereas nearby Palomar Mountain received 3.55 inches, and Julian received 2.39 inches. Light to moderate snowfall occurred on the highest peaks, but noting compared to the last snowstorm that dumped several feet. The High Sierra snowpack did benefit from this particular system, with many areas seeing 2.5 - 4.5 feet of snow the past several days. Mammoth Mountain has a base of 9-14 feet, which is clearly an enormous improvement from last season thus far.

The intense winds that were predicted thankfully didn't materialize to the strength that could have occurred. Most gusts in the Coachella Valley were in the 45 mph or under range... which is still respectable. However, 70-85 mph gusts never materialized here. The highest mountain peaks of San Diego County were the only locations that experienced winds of that strength. An interesting sidenote with this storm, is that the coastal and valley areas to our west experienced much more widespread wind and damage. Numerous trees were downed throughout LA, OC and SD, with even a fatality reported in the SD area due to a falling tree onto an occupied vehicle. We lucked out in that the momentum of the cold front didn't manage to unleash its full fury on this side of the mountain range.

As for the upcoming week and beyond, it appears a high pressure system will slowly build, with dry weather and temps warming up through next Sunday. We will likely finally hit 70 degrees by Thursday, with mid-upper 70s Friday - Sunday. This will make for more perfect desert weather!

Long range forecasts seem to hold off the next storm cycle until the middle of February.

Winter Storm Bearing Down On Southern California


The low pressure system heading eastward into Southern California is moving quickly toward the coast. Lowering pressure over Southern Nevada will continue onshore winds tonight, blowing especially hard early this evening through the I-10 corridor.

Winds will likely diminish some toward morning... but are expected to really ramp up Sunday afternoon as the system off the coast moves into our area. Clouds will thicken and lower over the mountains during the morning, and then spread across all areas by afternoon. WSW winds will likely begin howling through the Banning Pass, and will become more widespread as the afternoon progresses.

WSW 30-40, G 60-75 by Sunday afternoon, likely followed by a few hours of light to moderate rain, with a chance of brief heavy rain or thunderstorms as the cold front moves in. Winds may briefly diminish while the rains occur, but are expected to switch to WNW 30-45, G75 by late afternoon or evening, and slowly backing more to the NNW by Monday morning. Winds are expected to start diminishing Monday, but temps will become chilly again for us... possibly upper 50's on Monday as a max temp!

Hold onto your hats the next 36 hours.... it could be wild out there in some areas. Stay tuned for more updates!